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The Morgan Owners Club of Australia
Established 1958

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Series 1


Chassis #




Owner: Tony Parkinson. Some 70 years since it last raced, the Boughton 4/4 has been fully restored. The car raced by Jim Boughton at Australian Grand Prix meetings at Bathurst (1938) and Lobethal (1939). It has been superbly restored by Tony Heard to its 1938 stripped roadster configuration. Here John Bowe tests the car at Lobethal for "Unique Cars".



Owned by Paul Wells with a magnificent restoration done from 1997 and completed in 2003.

Morgan used in all its glory at wedding of his daughter.


Morgan 4-4  1937  imported by agent in Oct. Have owned same for 48 wonderful years & many great times. I first saw her at a motor show in the Hobart City Hall when I was 16yrs parked beside a Ferrari, the latter holding no interest at all. The next time was from the back seat of a bus crossing the old Hobart floating bridge, a bearded bod driving & what appeared to be a Great Dane wearing a blue scarf navigating. I was besotted. Two years later it was mine. Over the years restorations & modifications were necessary to keep the old girl both mobile and able to cope with modern traffic conditions, both amusing & astonishing some. Elderly smile knowingly, children first mesmerised then laugh & wave madly. It’s a great feeling, a great car, it’s a MORGAN.



Owned by Owen Coakes since July 1999. This Series 1 4/4 was first registered in Western Australia in 2000, now in New South Wales. Extensive rebuild previously done in 1969 in UK. Meadows gearbox with a Coventry Climax engine.



"Cassie" is a 1938 DHC, chassis #720, engine # MA812, date of dispatch from the factory 19/12/1938 with Coventry Climax engine. One of only 34 4-4 Series 1 DHCs produced. Original owner was Mr Colmore from Birmingham. The car is a work-in-progress.


Bob Little. Complete rebuild by Bob in 1982.



Built in 1947 this car was shipped to Brylaw Motors in Melbourne and sold to Alfred Youlten in February 1948 with the registration number LC 502. Registration expired in1964 and it languished in disrepair for many years. The car was restored from 1990 to 2013 and finally re-registered in Queensland and put back on the road by Mike Cunnington, a very proud owner.



Drop Head Coupe. Owned by Graham Hobbs since 1981. Seen sporting its UK plates prior to arriving in Australia in 1991



"Charlie" Owned by Gary and Zannie Demby since May 2019. Previous owners were

Max Scott and Peter Canavan. Partial restoration completed over a number of years.



Owned by Maragret Snape, ex Alan Coulson, 4/4 Series 1 with Standard Special engine. 

Originally bodied for the South Queensland Electricity Board, with no doors for workers to jump in and out of while testing powerlines. Starting from a bare chassis, the car has been fully restored with some safety updates such as indicators and a driver’s door installed



Reg 30146H. Brad Little. Complete rebuild by Bob Little in 1996.



Owned by Ray Nichols



Owned by Trevor Vale, NSW. Engine number Q393E. This vehicle was restored in Bendigo, Victoria, after having been purchased as a basket case in 1981. The restoration was completed in 1985 and the car was purchased by the current owner in 1994. The vehicle is a 1948 manufactured Morgan having left the factory on 25th September of that year. It is fitted with a Standard 10 OHV engine with a Moss gearbox and Solex down draft carburettor. The car was green with black leather trim, this being its present form.



1948  Chassis number 1822 owned by K.R. Harnett, SA since 1966



Owned by John Merton since 1966. An original club car from 1958



Owned by John Frost of Tasmania since 2008. This Series 1 4/4 four seater was originally imported into Australia by Brylaw Morgan agent in Melbourne in 1949.

It has a Standard Special 1200 cc engine coupled to a Moss 4 speed box.



4 seater. Owned by Peter Canavan since 1986. Previously restored in 1972 and then again in 1999 with beautiful brass radiator visible



After 1 year of planning and research together with 5 years of restoration, the car was registered on 19 December 2005. Drive: -  1964 Ford 1500 cc motor to GT specs, 1970 Ford Sierra 5 speed gearbox and hydraulic clutch.Front: -  Later 4/4 with splined hubs for wire wheels, 1970 model disc brakes, Vesconite Hi Lube kingpin bushes. Rear: -  Triumph TR3 differential with Triumph 10” brakes and hubs. Wheels: - 15” wire wheels



Graham & Judy Mitchell, Reg MOG 051