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The Morgan Owners Club of Australia
Established 1958

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Cootamundra Sprints 201

Cootamundra Sprints, September 2015

Four Morgans in the Paddock

Jeff P’s Plus 4

Ross S’s Plus 8 was proving hard to start

But Bob B had the Aussie solution!

John C, Bob B, Geoff W and a VW owner

Roy and Mary S went topless!

Marian J holding court!

The MOCA Mob

John C came along as well. Pic by Vern Dale-Johnson

David L (67) and Roy S (13) line up for a run in their 4/4s

Todd H (8) and John H (71) line up in their Plus 4s

Vern D-J (Roadster #117) and Geoff W (P8 #40) line up

Kerry J lines up in his Aero 8

From the cockpit of Vern’s Roadster. Pic by Vern.

Pics by Choy Lin Williams unless otherwise acknowledged

And from our MOCA Paparrazo Geoff Hollings:

Kerry J loved the day….

…as did David L in his 4/4

The MOCA Mob

Vern D-J in full flight

Pair of Plus 8s lining up

Roy S. Starts his run

Unusual bookends!

Aero 8 vs. Plus 8

Geoff W. in ‘69 Plus 8

Pair of Plus 4s in foreground, pair of 4/4s in background